About KGroup

We work in multiple domain in various different sectors. These companies are interconnected and create an entity managed as a single unit through divisional organization system. Our areas of expertise include the following: Software Industry, Realestate Industry, Food Restaurant, Co-working pace and Insurance. 

  • We believe to creation of new economic opportunities.
  • We love discussing ideas, developing them, improving them, and executing them.
  • Clear communication is crucial – we listen.
  • Diligence, trust, and integrity: we’re committed to bringing the very best to every project we undertake.
  • We’re passionate about life, new experiences, and new challenges.

Founder's Profile

Dr. Sanjay Labroo is the proprietor of K-Group. He is an engineering graduate from COEP (Mechanical) with MBA (International Marketing) from London. Having worked with National Health Services (London) for a decade, he decided to come back to India and use his management skills in running his own business. He took the entrepreneurship dive 10 years ago after a successful stint at the Compass Group UK.

Awards and Achievements

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